What is Ayrshire Weds To Be?

I have decided to start creating a forum where any couple who want to get married in Ayrshire can find everything in one location. As well as that, creating a blog of my own experiences planning a wedding and visiting venues / suppliers going forward.

Planning a wedding can have a range of emotions (excitement, nervous, emotional..) however, this platform will hopefully make it easier for couples to plan an "Ayrshire Wedding". Please follow our social media pages linked at the bottom of the page for updates. Happy Wedding Planning!

Meet the Ayrshire Wed

My name is Vicky and I have grown up in Ayrshire. I have a full time job working where I met my husband and enjoy blogging / planning in my spare time when I am not at the gym or watching netflix! 

I got married in May 2022 to my husband Steven. I have a step-son and 3 furry friends who are called Roger, Mia & Kira (cats!) at home who I love. I donate every month to Cats Protection Charity as I wish I could re-home every cat! They featured on our wedding cake & flowers!

We got engaged in August 2019 where I came home to a birthday gift after work not knowing what to expect! After enjoying being engaged, we then set a date and the planning begun.

I always enjoyed watching bridal / wedding programmes so always had an idea of what planning may entail. I also have a mum & mother in law who enjoy the same so I knew I was in the right hands for advice. 

Going back to the planning stage, it would have been helpful to find a platform that holds all venue / supplier details as well as personal experiences to make the right decisions for our day. Bringing it all together, that's exactly why I wanted to create this forum for other couples to utilise. 

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